Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 24th

So really the only thing I have for the blog this week is what I wrote to dad and my flight plans
LV: SLC airport at 6:50 PM sep29
AR: LAX at 7:45 PM sep 29
LV: LAX at 11:30 PM sep 29
AR: Seoul, Korea 4:40 AM Oct1  (21 hour Flight) 
LV: Seoul, Korea 10:10 AM Oct1 
AR: Vladivostok, Russia 2:50 PM Oct1 
So that is over 26 hours in the air 21 of them in one flight. A six hour layover in Korea, three days of traveling, and probably no sleep.

I think that is kind of neat that someone made it into the white house. That seems like something I would really want to try, but I am not stupid enough to actually do it. Sometimes I really wish I had a rewind button so I could do stuff like that and then just rewind time and its like it never happened. I do get mail on Saturday but only until two o'clock. I didn't know that you were coming down here for conference that sounds neat. We have had two apostles speak to us at devotionals. Richard Scott and M. Russell Ballard. Elder Ballard is a cute old man, that is the only way to describe him. His whole talk felt like it was my grandpa talking to me and he had some really good advice. Namely, "your mission is not two years long, it is one day long for two years." and what he meant by that is that we just need to strive to do our best one day at a time. If we can say that we have tried our best that day when we go to sleep then we have succeeded on our mission, and the next day we need to do it again. (you should put that in the blog) I am sad that I am missing out on all the Logan cuteness but at least I get to here stories and see pictures!

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