Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 10th

The picture and video of Logan are great I have showed everyone around the video and they all think it is super cute. Not much happened this week, the MTC isn't a terribly exciting place. My had a 40 minute lesson with a native Russian using skype on Monday and it was so cool. It was hard to understand her because she pronounced everything differently (how it is supposed to be not with an American accent) and she talked super fast. But I could understand most of what she said. I have a little notebook where I write down Vocabulary words that I want to learn and then study them later. I know probably 85% of the words in it and there are now over 500 words. Ranging from Restoration and Apostasy to Tomato and pancakes. Which just a little Russian slang for you, there version of the word dangit is pancake. which is pronounced somewhat like Blooyn but the o's sound kind of like e's and it actually uses the Russian letter which looks like "bl" but it is one letter and makes a sound which does not exist in English. I can't wait to get to Russia. I should get my travel plans this Friday. Only two Wednesdays left in the MTC!

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