Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August 20 2013

Thank you for the package of candy it was really packed full of stuff. I took a picture of all of it and a handful of bags of skittles, I have way more skittles still in my suitcases. Not too much to talk about this week, I have gotten into the routine here and not much changes. Learning Russian is going pretty well its a really cool language even if it is confusing and hard to learn. I don't remember if i have talked about this before but there are six "cases" in Russian that effect the ending of most types of words, and you can have multiple cases in a single sentence so if you put something into google translate and send it to me it will be completely butchered, but I will probably understand what you mean since I can just direct translate it back into English and know what you put into Google translate. I only got like 3 emails this week and two from the same person, but I am hoping because I am checking at 8 in the morning Washington time so I will check again later today. You need to keep me updated on what Logan is doing even if you just say that he wiggles a little more than last week. Quotes of the week are "chains on the nets, chains on the people. Straight outta Compton" and "I hate short people, they freak me out" I'll give a quick description of everyone in my class. Elder Gardner (also my roommate) whom I have started calling cupcake is a cuddly little weirdo who is pretty funny. Elder Hansen (also my roommate) is from Idaho and is a fitness nut who takes weird vitamins and herbal pills every day. Elder Stuart is from Texas and is a pretty chill dude he's really good at b-ball. Elder Atchley is from Iowa and he laughs at literally everything with the most ridiculous laugh I have ever heard, he speaks Russian with a midwestern accent. Sister Clark and Sister Russel are pretty quiet very studious and very patient. Elder Hulka is the guy who helped me solve my Rubiks cube and he yo-yos very well he is a big nerdy looking dude but he is cool. Elder Otto is very righteous and little, he doesn't have the best social skills but we get along. Elder Castleton is hilarious he is extremely sarcastic so I call him sassy all the time which he doesn't like because he says it makes him sound like a 14 year old girl. He references movies constantly and loves the show The Office. Elder Simonson is Timmy Green reincarnate but with even more roundabout and confusing logic if you can even imagine that. Me and him get along very well its too bad he is going to St. Petersburg which is farther away from Vladivostok than California is. 
I mentioned in there that I solved my Rubik's cube, it took me four days to figure it out with some help from Elder Hulka, now I need to work on being able to solve it faster and more consistently I still have a lot of work left to do with it. I broke my Yo-yo this week; the string just randomly broke one time. Before that happened I was able to do the cradle, around the world, and some other cool stuff that I don't know the name of. All this makes it sound like I have tons of free time, but I am in class for over 12 hours every day. You wake up eat, go to class, eat, go to class, go to gym, eat, go to class, go to sleep. all this has been accomplished in the last 45 minutes we have in our dorms before we go to sleep. our branch president got back from Europe yesterday, he speaks 8+ languages fluently. and by fluently I mean has translated a book to or from that language or taught lectures in at universities throughout the world. Which was why he was in Europe. He claims to not be able to speak spanish, but he said that he read the book of Mormon in spanish last year so I'm pretty sure he could hold a conversation no problem.  Thanks again for the package and the pictures, If I could get a class picture too that would be great, its very nice to see everyone. and it would be great to hear from them too.

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