Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August 13 2014

I've got into the routine of the MTC, but I am still extremely tired all the time. On Thursday Elder Van Quill randomly decided to invent fruit week. He vowed to eat nothing but fruit for a week (with a spoonful of peanut butter for protein) $5.00, ten stamps, and a Russian hymn book were on the line. He made it two meals... I have started trying to write down a quote of the day, the best ones for this week are "eminem is doctrine" "if I wasn't a Mormon I would be a jew" and "do you even conjugate bro?" we have been playing only foursquare and basketball during gym and I do pretty well in Basketball, I am really good at foursquare though. Probably because I am good at reading where people will go. and you have to try foursquare before you write it off, it actually gets really intense and competitive. My ankle still moves out of place pretty often playing basketball it's really annoying. I have started calling Elder Simonson DJ Kip Reid. because that's his first and middle name, but mostly because he is so hardcore. He reminds me of Timmy because he over analyzes everything is extremely sarcastic and is very smart. he also speaks sign language fluently because his parents are deaf. I have hung all of my letters and whatnot on the wall next to my bed and people always come in and ask me about it. I got a package from home on Monday, it had a rubik's cube, yo-yo, and some other stuff in it. I can already solve the first layer of the rubiks cube and I'm working on the middle. At first I could barely get  the yo-yo to come back to me but now I can do a couple tricks and actually look like I know what I'm doing. Elder Gardner and me made a bet that if there are ten or more LDS churches in the Vladivostok mission by the time we leave he has to give me $100 he even signed in my journal where I wrote it down. I had Elder Stuart draw a goat on the whiteboard then had someone come in from the hall to try to guess what it was and the guy guessed centaur. It was pretty funny. Russian is an extremely difficult language, there are either too many consonants or too many vowels in a word, never a good balance. You have to change the ending to every word in a sentence based of Gender, Number, and case. I haven't even really heard about cases before and there are six of them in Russian. but i am having a good time! I miss everyone back at home hope you are all having fun.

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