Monday, January 12, 2015

Jan 12th

So I am in Vladivostok now! Such a cool city, Elder Hasebi has flown back to Irkutsk with the Brintons and I am now companions with Elders Hinkson and Jaekal who are the Assistants to the President, so I have dubbed myself the Assistant to the Assistants to the President. It's been an exciting couple of days we have had so many lessons and so much to do. Elder Hinkson is who I went to Moscow with and we have had fun reminiscing. Elder Jaekel (I do not know how to spell his name in English) is super cool too. He is also very in tune with the spirit and really does a great job teaching people. It has been fun with the three of us ,we all get along well. There was a lot of mail waiting for me in Vlad, I got a package from Jamie which had tons of candy in it and the cheese powder from Kraft maccaroni and cheese. I got an invitation to Jay and Rachel's wedding, and I got a Christmas card from home. I also heard that there is another letter in the office for me right now, but I have no idea who it is from. Sorry this weeks email is so short it has been really hectic. 

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