Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Merry Christmas

This week was quite eventful. After emailing Monday Elder Walker and I went on splits and we ended up going to a zoo! Kind of, it was super sketchy, definitely would be illegal in America. But I saw some cool animals and stuff. Made friends with one of the monkeys, I showed him pictures on my camera and then high fived him through the glass so we are pretty much bros now. Then we went to this really big mall that I didn't know about and ate at Cinnabon. And there is a KFC opening there soon. Then we went to a sushi plate and got a lot of sushi. We bought so much that we got free drinks as a gift for buying so much. It was really good, first time I have had real sushi and I love it. Then that night at Midnight I got on a plane to start my visa trip to Korea. It was a 4.5 hour flight to Khabarovsk were we met with some other elders, then another hour flight to Vladivostok were we picked up the rest of the group. Finally got to see everyone from my MTC district again so that was great. And I met Elder Mateer who is from London and has the best kind of British accent which I picked up really quickly. I talked in a British accent the whole trip and then got Elder Hasebi doing it to. We are trying to stop now though because it is making our Russian sound really silly. I was only in Korea for like 10 hours. We didn't even go into the temple just slept at the dorms there. But while we were outside we saw a Korean man drop a giant cake, so we ran over and helped him out and he invited us to come eat cake with him. So we had a little Christmas party with a bunch of Koreans. And Korean people are the best. They are so cute and happy and they love Americans. Which may or may not be the exact opposite of Russians. Got up early in the morning and flew back to Irkutsk. It took 6 flights and 18+ hours of flying for the whole trip. Got back at like midnight went to sleep and then it was Christmas! So I got to open my package from the Bushman's it had some hand warmers, a hood thing, some energy bars, cookie mix, muffin mix, and lots more. It was great! Then Christmas day was just a normal day except I made cookies at night instead of doing my usual work out. The rest of the week was normal except there was a baptism, the actual baptism was in Angarsk though because the lady getting baptized didn't want to get baptized in the hotel sauna place were we usually go. The branch had a little Christmas activity on Saturday and I met a girl from Finland who is just traveling through Russia and then going to go to China and India so that was neat.
Other stuff that happened: 
I lost my pen going through airport security it was so very close to running out of ink and I was so excited for it to happen. 
We ate at Papa John's after we skyped and ate a 40cm pizza all at once. 
I brought Elder Hasebi back a Big Mac from Korea
I lost my name tag

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