Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24th

I'll start off with a story. I was talking to a member about how I had strep throat (or whatever it is) and he told me all this stuff about how he deals with sickness and whatnot. But then at the end he added in, you know how I dealt with being sick before I was a member? A bottle of vodka, it didn't help the sickness at all it just changed my attitude about it... I didn't care! 
Russians are the best.
I think my favorite scripture is 1st Corinthians 5:6 it is actually a really good analogy and I have started quoting it a lot. 
Other than that it was pretty much a normal week. here are some interesting things that happened though
Met a British dude from Bristol traveling through Russia, he was harder to understand than the Russians and he was speaking English
The crazy old lady in the hospital with Peter asked us to bring back Communism (I think she is hard to understand)
Elders Stepheson, Lusk, and I all have the same first name. That's 3 out of 4 of the Elders in Irkutsk.
And I ate at Subway
Just some more answered questions from the Bushman's, thought they might be interesting for everyone.

The members rarely if ever ask us to come over for dinner, and I have heard stories of awful and scary food when it does happen.
It is hard to tract here because everybody lives in apartments and you have to have a code/key to get into the building to even get to peoples' doors.
We do work with less active members and we have some investigators, not any that are progressing though.
We find people to teach by walking the streets talking to everyone we see.
The senior couple here host lots of activities and just try to help out wherever they can. They don't speak Russian though.
Russians don't mess around when it comes to snow, as soon as it hits the ground they are shoveling it into dump trucks and hauling it out of the city. They have tons of street sweepers and tons of city employees that sweep and shovel snow.
 The branch here in Irkutsk has about 45 people every Sunday and the building is just as big as ours in Davenport, maybe bigger. Except the sacrament hall is smaller I think. It isn't a church building it is just the second floor of a business building on the main street of the city. There is a Subway on the first floor so it smells like sandwiches a lot. We are going to go to the senior couples apartment for Thanksgiving so it should be good. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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